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DVCAM Recording Format

DSR-300PL Features
DVCAM Recording Format

Sony\'s DVCAM recording format is designed for professional use. While maintaining the playback compatibility with consumer DV recording format, higher picture quality is achieved by the wider track pitch.

Time Code Superimposed During Playback
For operational convenience while shooting, the time code is superimposed on the viewfinder screen or MONITOR OUT screen, even during the playback.

Edit Search
The DSR-300 incorporates an Edit Search function. Its control button is located to afford easy access while shooting.

Freeze Mix Function
When the camera operator needs to shoot a subject in the same framework as that of a previously recorded
subject, it was very difficult to perfectly place the subject in the same position as the previous shooting with conventional cameras. With the DSR-300, a picture previously recorded on the DVCAM tape can be superimposed on the viewfinder screen, so that the camera operator can easily frame the subject just like a previous shot.

ClipLink System
The ClipLink system is a comprehensive shooting information and image management system necessary for the total digital production process, ranging from acquisition to editing. The ClipLink system in combination with Sony\'s new digital video products such as theDSR-300 and DSR-130 Digital Camcorders, the Digital VTRs (DSR-85/80/60), and the EditStation™ System (ES-7) will enhance the productivity and operating efficiency throughout the entire video production process.

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